Kyoto Location Wedding from Paris

It is always a great pleasure to have the overseas client in Kyoto Japan.
Fortunately I can easily speak English and also can manage totally “hidden place” in the heart of Kyoto, not only just a tourist’s area.Recently Kyoto is getting so popular as a shooting venue that The photo crew bothers the local or other people many often, it’s becoming a serious problem…
For stopping this problem,  I’ll keep asking the temple’s if we have a photo session inside of their properties and some of them will kindly accept it (not every temples or photographers can do it so well ;-))My mission as a Professional Kyoto Wedding Photographer is making both of my clients and my local happy…
& taking awesome photographs in the best scenery, of course!Thank you Narjiss & Mehdi for finding me from the other side of the world,  you are absolutely sweet and gorgeous!
Hope to See you again quite soon